Title:Assistant Field Hockey Coach
Date: 2/1/2019

This position specifically supports the Department and University’s mission through recruiting, coaching, mentoring, and providing administrative assistance for the Field Hockey program and to the respective Head Coach.



* By supporting the coaching style and preferences of the Head Coach, provide instructional expertise and direction for the specific area assigned during practice and game-day events.

* Through team practice, film review and one-on-one instructions, enhance the learning and development of the athlete’s Field Hockey program skills.

* Provide advice and assistance to the Head Coach during the Field Hockey program athletic events.

* Ensure that proper safety procedures are followed by all student-athletes (all assistant coaches must become certified in CPR and first aid).

* Utilize coaching expertise in creating a winning athletic program for UMass.

* Work with athletics trainers and physicians as needed to implement team wellness and conditioning programs.

* Provide direction to the Strength and Conditioning coach as to the desired training goals.


* Identify prospective student-athletes through scouting athletic events, film review, developing industry contacts, and analysis of various performance indicators.

* Evaluate talents, abilities and character of these prospects to determine their potential to succeed athletically within the Atlantic 10 Conference (A10) and academically at the University of Massachusetts (UMass).

* Engage in communication with the prospects, parents, coaches, or other advisors through extensive travel, written and verbal correspondence with the intentions of attracting these student-athletes to UMass.

* Work with the University’s admissions office and the Department’s compliance office for academic evaluations for meeting UMass, A10 Conference, and NCAA standards.

* Communicate with Compliance Officer to ensure that all NCAA policies are followed.

* Coordinate on-campus visits, travel arrangements, athletic and academic tours.

* Provide recommendations to head coach for scholarship allocation.


* Responsible for working with all Athletic Department Offices in processing of administrative functions and paperwork related to the Field Hockey program.

* Based upon scheduling commitments, recruiting demands, and other factors within the program administration, work with the Business Office staff with budget preparation, reconciliation, procurement of supplies, and other relevant communications with the business office.

* Responsible for arranging all travel aspects related to the sport program which includes the driving of athletic vans for practice and competitions as needed.

* Understand current and changing NCAA, A10 Conference, and UMass Compliance Policy and Procedures as they relate to the Field Hockey program. Maintain consistent communication with UMass’ compliance staff. Assist in briefing student-athletes and monitoring adherence to above.

* Shall comply fully with the rules, regulations, and policies of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, of the Atlantic 10 Conference, and of the University and its Athletic Department.

* Monitor academic progress of program’s student athletes. Understand academic needs, communicate with Academic Support Services, receive progress reports, identify any issues that may occur and provide direction and guidance when necessary.

* Identify program-marketing opportunities, communicate with the Athletic Marketing Office and assist in the execution if necessary.

* Work with the UMass Athletic Foundation is its efforts to build relationships and generate gifts to the Field Hockey program alumni funds or other department and university related objectives.

* Coordinate the programs fundraising activities.

* Incorporate the scheduling preferences of the Head Coach and the athletic administration in the scheduling of non-conference games.

* Recruit, evaluate, and supervise student managers to assist within the Field Hockey program.

* Attends conventions, conferences, and clinics consistent with Department and University policies.

* Serves on Department and University committees as assigned.

* Performs other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree required from an accredited institution.
One to three years of Field Hockey coaching and/or playing experience at the Division I or competitive international level required.
Knowledge of advanced level Field Hockey techniques required.
Demonstrated computer skills and knowledge of Gamebreaker software preferred.
Working knowledge of rules and regulations governing intercollegiate athletics preferred.
Ability to work weekends and nights.
Good oral and written communication skills.
Ability to foster and maintain working relationships with various stakeholders.
Moderate to high movement and activity required; responsibilities include extended periods of standing.

Phone Number: 502-379-2020
Location: Amherst, MA
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