Head Coach

Title:Women's Field Hockey
Date: 1/22/2018
Individual must have the ability to develop a sports program that challenges student-athletes to succeed individually and as a team within the structure of the Department of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation at The College of Wooster. Provide student-athletes with appropriate coaching by imparting knowledge of the game and strategies for success. Utilize video, technology and other pedagogical methods to provide instruction. Design and implement skill instruction drills for individual and team practices. Provide oversight (or designate an oversight) for training and team-building activities. Effectively recruit student-athletes that can be successful within the college and team. Demonstrate a commitment to assisting student-athletes achieve academic success and student-athlete welfare issues. Create a positive educational environment. Encourage student-athletes to participate in the personal growth opportunities offered by the institution and the department. Work with the Athletic Academic Affair Services as needed. Oversee various administrative tasks related to the operation of the program such as purchasing activities, coordination of team travel, and reporting of recruiting activities. Comply with NCAA, NCAC conference, and College of Wooster policies and regulations.
Location: Wooster, OHIO
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